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I love my mom !
05 June 2011 | Sunday, June 05, 2011 | 0 ♥ Sweet Candy
heyy peeps , stalkers and so haters !
what i wanna post tday is about mom !
some myb will say '' today is not mother's day isn't it ? ''
hell yeah ,, of course not ! ,, i mean of course yes ! everyday is mother's day ! 
we have to appreciate our mom everyday ,, not only on 8 May in every single year !
am i rite ? of course i am ,, ! yes , mybe we will celebrate tht date specially fr our mother ,, some will bring their mother to some vacation , reserving a special place , buying gift and so on ,, wht about the next and bfore the date ? are we gonna let em cry , suffer , leave 'em alone starving ? c'mon haters , i'm not that 'anak mithali' but i'm trying to be a good daughter
even there are wrote in Al-Quran '' redha Allah trletak pada redha ibu bapa ''
and even Rasulullah said (kinda like this ) '' always put your mother thrice in your list after me ''
see peeps ,, how islam very cares about respecting , caring , loving mothers !
oh yeah ! i love my mom ,, oh , mybe some will say '' wht going on to u today babe ? do u realize tht u're the rule-breaker ? '' yes ,, i'm the rule-breaker ! i've break tht , tht , and tht ,, but  ,, so what ?,, wht's the matter peeps ? i'm talking about mother and not bout the school-rules ,, check out ur eyes ! okay i admit ,, sometimes i went harsh to my mom and hurt her ,, EVERY PEOPLE MAKE MISTAKES EVERYDAY hunn ,, like i said in my past post ' people do change ' IT'S NOT A CRIME TO CHANGE FOR GOOD ,, ryte ? so , from now on my friends , readers , followers , haters and bla bla bla ,, everyday is mother's day ,, let make 'em happy to have us as their kids that they had carried us , take care of us here and there for 9 months ,, c'mon peeps make 'em happy , make 'em smile , make 'em proud to have us ! let's go ! hug your mom and tell 'em tht u love 'em everyday ,, and not frget to say that u're sorry for everything that u've done to 'em bfore u sleep ,, can u imagine tht u won't see ur mother after u wake up ? or maybe u won't wake up ,, make it as ur routine ,, oh ya ,, i've found this vid ,, 
lagu takdak la sdap mana ,, but ! the lyric is meaningfull so the vid !
check this out !
'' are you nuts ? ur music player is going hell and how are u gonna mke us feel the song ? ''
maybe u'll said tht ,, chill peeps click >>here<< to watch it through youtube !

p/s : maaf krane bebelan yg pnjg berjela ,, aq bukn English scorer utk speaking english fully dlm post ,, ayt ke mana grammar ke mana kann ,, but ,, styap mnusie wt ksalahn ,, so do i ,, and every people
wanna make a try kan ? so do i ! jadi , to all my haters ! you better get off from this site if u find
that i'm 'cakap macam gerek' or 'bajet bagus ar kau' ,, prevent MENGUMPAT ! even i did it too ==''

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